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6 week Advanced Ashtanga

Primary Series is called Yoga Chikitsa, yoga therapy. The poses help to tone the organs of digestion, assimilation and reproduction, to open the hips and shoulders while strengthening the major muscle groups. The Second Series is called Nadi Shodina, nerve cleansing. It works on the deeper more subtle or energetic body. Students are invited to explore a rich collection of backbends, deep forward bends, twists and arm balances. In this Advanced Ashtanga Series students will work through the more challenging poses and transitions of the Primary Series.

In addition you will be introduced to the first half of the Second Series. Some weeks will involve a much more creative approach to Ashtanga that starts with what Tim Miller calls Surya Namaskara C interweaving groups of poses from the first three series. Each week will end with further development of the finishing sequence including shoulder stand and headstand.

This level 2/3 class is appropriate for those Ashtanga students comfortable with Primary Series and level 2 or higher Vinyasa and Hot Flow students with some familiarity with Ashtanga.


Tom Griffith

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