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Ashtanga Beginner Drop-in

Our Ashtanga Intro Drop-in class gives students a taste of Ashtanga prior to taking the 6-week Foundations course. It’s ideal for those who wish to start a practice in the middle of the quarter or for Hatha students who are just curious about what’s going on in the “other yoga room.” If you’ve been away from Ashtanga for a while and need a refresher, this is a great opportunity to work with the practice and adapt it to your own needs.

Each week the class covers the Ashtanga basics. Some continuing students attend, but there are always brand new beginners in class too. Everyone ends up sweating and having fun.

New Beginner Drop-in is appropriate for those who:

  1. Are curious about Ashtanga yoga.
  2. Are interested in cultivating a physical yoga practice.
  3. Have completed a New Beginners and are not quite ready to visit a Half Primary class.
Level Duration Class Length Cost Appropriate For
Beginner Classes Open class offered weekly 90 min. Drop-in Fee, Class Pass or Membership Beginners, people who are new to yoga

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