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Ashtanga Half Primary

We’ve designed this class to be the next step on your path to enlightenment! OK, we can’t make any promises, but this picks up where our New Beginner’s class finishes, introducing students to the full Primary Series a few poses at a time. By the end of the quarter, new students will have continued to build upon the fundamentals, increased their endurance and have learned all of the poses in the Primary Series.

As with all of our Ashtanga classes, modifications are taught for each pose depending on the students’ needs. The modifications for seated poses might include the use of props such as blankets, blocks or straps. Students are taught safe methods to advance their practice of the challenging “finishing series” of asanas including backbends, shoulderstands and headstands.

While Half Primary classes move more slowly than Primary Series classes, you’ll build up heat in your body, sweat and detoxify. The class allows for more instruction, introducing each of the more advanced poses in an approachable way.

The class is appropriate for anyone who is working toward the Primary Series, as well as experienced Hatha yogis who want a taste of Ashtanga. The Half Primary is truly a mixed level class that attracts new students and experienced Primary Series students who value slowing things down a bit from time to time.

Half Primary is appropriate for those who:

  1. Have completed our New Beginners class or have solid foundation with Ashtanga.
  2. Wish to study the more challenging asanas in preparation for the Primary Series.
Level Duration Class Length Cost Appropriate For
Class Levels Open Class offered weekly 90 min. Drop-in Fee, Class Pass or Membership Completed Ashtanga New Beginner Series or equivalent experience

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