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Ashtanga Second Series

The Second Series is called Nadi Shodina, nerve cleansing. It works on the subtle body, the rivers of energy that are said to consist of 84,000 nadis (energetic channels) coursing through the body. The poses at this level are more challenging and require more strength, endurance and suppleness.

After focusing so much in the Primary Series on forward bending, Second Series students are invited to explore a rich collection of backbends designed to open the front of the body and lighten the heart. It also includes a wonderful series of headstands for those who love looking at the world upside down!

If the Primary Series is comfortable for you, come to the quarterly Second Series class to explore your next level. This class is a pre-registration workshop. See Yohi Workshop Schedule for dates and times.

The Second Series is appropriate for:

  1. Advanced Ashtangis who have mastered the Primary Series and have a sense of the Second Series.
  2. Students that are comfortable with a variety of deep backbends and a complex series of headstands.

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