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Morning Mysore

What is Mysore?

Mysore, taught in the morning hours, is the traditional way of learning Ashtanga yoga, named after the city in India where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois lived. Mysore is open to all levels, from absolute beginners to more experienced students. The class is not led and all instruction is given on an individual basis. As you gain strength, stamina, flexibility, and focus, poses will be added on to your sequence. Learn more here about FAQ and class etiquette.

Benefits of a Mysore Practice:

  • You can show up when it suits you. As long as you leave enough time to finish your full practice, you can come to Mysore class at any point.
  • You develop a meditative practice by following your own breath. Ashtanga is intended to be a moving meditation. Led classes are a fantastic way to learn about the breath and the vinyasa, but Mysore-style is where you follow your own breath and deepen your focus and meditation skills.
  • You get individual attention. In any type of yoga, we come across poses or aspects of the practice that are difficult and challenging. In a led class, you may just skim over a difficult pose, but in Mysore style you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the teacher. Most people feel this individual attention helps their practice soar.
  • Mysore class is for everyone. Mysore class is a wonderful way for individuals at different levels of experience to practice together. With everyone in the room doing their own practice, Mysore class is a great way to encourage each student to work at their full capacity. In addition, if a student has any physical limitations or injuries, the teacher can provide individual instruction on how to approach the practice in a safe manner.

New to Mysore? Learn more about why we practice Mysore style here.

Morning Mysore Details

  • Morning Mysore is offered Monday through Thursday from 5am – 8am; and Sundays from 8am – 11am.
  • Students may arrive between 5am - 6:30am Monday through Thursday; and from 7am – 9:30am on Sundays. In Mysore class, students receive individual instruction and may show up during any of these times.
  • Mysore Beginner Drop-in is offered Monday through Thursday from 7am – 8am; and Sundays from 10am – 11am and is open to anyone interested in experiencing the Mysore practice including those brand new to yoga.
  • Led class is held every Friday at 6:00am.
  • In observance of the Ashtanga tradition, there is no practice on moon days.
  • It is suggested that you attend at least 3 days a week of Morning Mysore.
  • The teacher will meet you where you are in your practice. Please ensure you let us know of any injuries or afflictions you may have.
  • If you have any questions about the program, please email

Mysore is appropriate for:

  1. Students who wish to practice in the traditional method.
  2. All levels of students

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