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Class Makeup Info

When you sign up for a pre-registration class you are committing to attending class at the scheduled day and time each week. However, we understand that there may be circumstances that keep you from attending your regularly scheduled class and offer you the possibility of making up in another class.

If you are enrolled in a Prenatal Yoga Class or Foundations or Beginners Series, you may make up in another class with the same name as long as there is space in that class. If every student enrolled in the class is present on the day you try to attend, there may not be enough floor space for you to practice comfortably. It is rare for anyone to be turned away, but it is possible.

Please note if class is cancelled due to weather conditions it will be posted on our weather page and a make-up class will be added at the end so that you receive all of your classes.

When you arrive to a makeup class let the teacher know your name and the class you normally attend.

Yoga on High offers two tracks for Hatha Beginners. While both classes will cover the same material, the Dynamic Beginner Class will move at a faster pace than the Basic Beginners Class. If you are a Dynamic New Beginner student and wish to make up in a Basic Beginner Class be advised that the Basic class will move at a slower pace than your regular class. If you are a Basic Beginner Student and wish to make up in a Dynamic class be aware that this class will move at a faster pace than your regular class and is geared towards fundamentally fit individuals with no particular injuries or physical challenges.

Please speak with your teacher if you need guidance or suggestions in how to make up your class.

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