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Level 1

Level 1 Hatha is appropriate for you if you have completed Yoga on High’s Hatha New Beginner Class or have equivalant introductory yoga experience. Level 1 students continue the study and practice of Hatha yoga fundamentals including warm-ups, asanas (the physicial postures), breathing and deep relaxation.

Attention is given to increasing body awareness and relaxation within a wide range of poses. Types of poses include: hip and shoulder openers, seated poses, standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists and preparations for inversions. Many Level 1 Hatha students spend a year or more at this level, developing strength, flexibility and body integration.

This class is for those who:

  1. Have finished a New Beginner Hatha class or have prior Yoga experience.
  2. Want to continue learning yoga asana, breath, and relaxation.
  3. Want to increase strength and flexibility.
Level Duration Class Length Cost Appropriate For
Level 1 Open Class offered weekly 90 min. Drop-in Fee, Class Pass or Membership Graduates of Hatha Beginners Class or equivalent experience

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