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Class Level:

Level 1


Open Class offered weekly during a quarter

Class length:

90 min


$16 Drop-in Fee, Class Pass or Membership

Appropriate for:

Graduates of Hatha Beginners Class or equivalent experience
Yoga Columbus Ohio

Level 1

Level 1 Hatha is appropriate for you if you have completed Yoga on High’s Hatha New Beginner Class or have equivalant introductory yoga experience. Level 1 students continue the study and practice of Hatha yoga fundamentals including warm-ups, asanas (the physicial postures), breathing and deep relaxation.

Attention is given to increasing body awareness and relaxation within a wide range of poses. Types of poses include: hip and shoulder openers, seated poses, standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists and preparations for inversions. Many Level 1 Hatha students spend a year or more at this level, developing strength, flexibility and body integration.

This class is for those who:

  1. Have finished a New Beginner Hatha class or have prior Yoga experience.
  2. Want to continue learning yoga asana, breath, and relaxation.
  3. Want to increase strength and flexibility.

Open Class Schedule

When I think of last year, Yoga on High is very high on my list of essential activities and support systems. Thank you for creating such an amazing community. I cannot possibly express what my time at the center has meant to me. Every teacher is a treasure in her or his own way. You are a truly gifted pedagogue not only for the fledgling practitioners such as myself but for the teachers who people the premises. - Amy Horowitz

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