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Pranayama Level 1.5

The Sanskrit word prana translates roughly as “life force,” and–ayama means to lengthen, stretch, or extend. As a practice, pranayama is a specific, intentionally induced pattern of breathing that sharpens concentration and brings inner balance. One of the eight limbs of yoga, pranayama brings you to the doorway of meditation.

Pranayama Level 1.5

In this four week intermediate level pranayama series we will explore taking the path less traveled, playing with ratios, metronomes, creative visualizations, mudras and possibly chants too.

This class is not appropriate for new beginners. Students should have comfort with yogic 3 part breath, breath watching practices and kapalabati and both a sense of humor and adventure! Above all else though, students should have willingness to release any practice – in the moment - that does not serve.

Date: Fridays, June 9th through 30th from 6:30a to 7:30a

Teacher: Michele Vinbury

Cost: Pay what you can ($5 minimum)

Location: Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute

Yoga on High Teacher Training and Ayurveda Institute

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Yoga on High School of Ayurveda


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