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Pilates is a series of dynamic exercises designed by Joseph Pilates. The “Method,” as Pilates enthusiasts sometimes call it, is an excellent enhancement to core stability for the yoga student. This class will introduce the fundamentals of Pilates, including: breathing from the core, mobilizing and stabilizing the pelvis and spine in neutral position, and learning to initiate the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor in concert with the spine and limbs. Students will learn how to safely execute the basic Pilates Method in a way that builds strength and stamina while emphasizing proper form and technique. This practice also fosters correct posture and freedom of movement.

A certified Pilates instructor, Lee Kelly has taught movement and mind/body education for over 20 years. His teachings can be easily incorporated into a yoga practice. Marcia has worked with him personally and strongly recommends his classes.

Pilates is most comfortable when done on a thick mat, as there is some rolling on the spine.

Please check back for information about future sessions of this class.

Duration Class Length Cost Appropriate For
Open Class offered weekly 60 min. $18 Drop-in Fee, Class Pass or Membership Those wishing to improve core strength - no prior yoga experience necessary

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