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Aquarian Morning Sadhana

The traditional Aquarian Morning Sadhana begins in the Amrit Vela, the time of sweetness before the sun rises when most people are asleep and our consciousness is the most peaceful.  Yogis have cherished this ideal time of meditation for millenia.


5:00a – Group JapJi reading

5:30a – Kundalini Yoga

6:30a – Aquarian Mantras

8:00a – Final Relaxation, Sound Healing, and Closing

A specific sequence of meditations, yoga exercises, and mantras was given to us by the Kundalini yoga master Yogi Bhajan as a prescription to help us develop the mental and physical stamina and sense of divine union that are needed to handle the changes in this Aquarian age. We begin by reading a devotional poem called the JapJi out loud together in the original Gurmukhi, followed by about an hour of kundalini yoga which includes warmups, pranayama (breath meditations), and a short kriya. We end by chanting/singing the Aquarian mantras together as we watch the sun rise in blissful meditation.  Sada Nam provides live musical accompaniment and a sound healing gong bath during each sadhana.

Because this is a group practice where the teacher participates as well, there is no charge to attend.  Optional donations can be given to cover the cost of supplies if desired.

You can download the JapJi Sahib app to your mobile device to follow along, and limited printed copies will be provided. 

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