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Gentle Yoga

Yoga engages our bodies and minds while offering a safe space to bear witness to our human nature and spirituality. Practicing it, we gain physical strength, better balance, and flexibility, and many students experience relief from insomnia, chronic pain and anxiety. You don’t have to twist into a pretzel to use the body as a laboratory to explore your authentic self. You can form the yoga poses while sitting in a chair and using props to support you. Gentle movement and mindful integration of sensation and breath will let us linger in the quietly alive space that a truly integrated yoga practice provides. Yoga philosophy, aromatherapy and Reiki will be included in the yoga class.

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Level Appropriate For Location
Specialty Individuals seeking a gentle yoga class Yoga on High - Short North

Yoga on High Teacher Training and Ayurveda Institute

Yoga on High Foundation

Yoga on High School of Ayurveda