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Hot Flow Yoga

Our Hot Flow Yoga is designed for those with some yoga experience who are looking for full-body workout in a warm room, vinyasa style, to music. It uses functional strength poses and flowing sequences to create heat, burn calories and detoxify the body and mind.

This class maintains the elements of an authentic yoga class taught by experienced teachers, with skilled, hands-on adjustments, a warm-down time for integration and an end-of-class pause for inner quiet.

Our Hot Flow classes will leave you feeling sweaty, strong and energized.

Be sure to come to class hydrated and bring plenty of water to rehydrate during and after class. The temperature for these classes range between 80-86 degrees.

Level 1: This 1 hour class is ideal for those who prefer to start slowly. A basic knowledge of Sun Salutations is recommended. Level 1 class teachers will help you master form and understand how to breathe within the postures and throughout the flow, while gently challenging your concentration, balance and strength.

Level 1-2: Teachers offer new and exciting challenges where you will expand on your strength, stamina and grace as you practice more demanding sequences. While not appropriate for those brand new to yoga, after learning the basics (sun salutations, chaturanga, triangle, warriors), people with fitness backgrounds and active lifestyles are often comfortable with this level right away. Classes are 1 hour in length.

Level 2: Take your practice to the next level in these classes. More challenging poses will be offered and the flow will be at a pace that assumes students have an intermediate level practice. Classes are 1 hour in length.

Level 2-3: This level assumes you have a familiarity with intermediate yoga postures and are ready to explore more advanced poses as well. Pace will be rigorous and physically demanding with challenging sequences and variations. We recommend at least 6 months of consistent practice before you join a 2-3 class. Classes at this level are 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Level Duration Class Length Cost Appropriate For
Mixed Level 1 & 2 Open Class offered weekly during a quarter Varies Drop-in Fee, Class Pass or Membership Students with a consistent Level 1 or 2 practice or equivalent experience

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