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After seventeen years, Yoga on High remains the authority in the region for advanced yoga instruction and one of the most diverse and inclusive studios for all levels of yoga practitioners.

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Yoga on High has a rich community of teachers, students, staff and friends.

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Yoga on High is located in a lively shopping, arts and restaurant district called the Short North.

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Yoga on High is committed to help combat hunger in Columbus and to do it with organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

News About Martha Marcom, Founder of Yoga on High ►

Martha Marcom, lifelong yogini and co-founder of Yoga on High, left her body on Friday night, April 28.  She died during a wild electrical storm and we like to think of her riding out on a lightening bolt into the Light of her next journey.

News about Jerry Marcom, One of our Teachers ►

August 7, 2017

Jerry Marcom had his surgery yesterday and is quietly healing at the hospital with close family at the bedside.

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