News about Jerry Marcom, One of our Teachers

August 7, 2017

Jerry Marcom had his surgery yesterday and is quietly healing at the hospital with close family at the bedside.

The surgeon was able to remove a large amount of tumor which is being tested to determine appropriate next steps.  These won't be known for a week or so. Jerry and the family are so grateful at the out pouring of love and prayers you have sent.  Keep it coming.  Did I mention he is still cracking jokes?

With love from Marcia

August 2, 2017

From Marcia Miller

Dear Yoga on High community,

Seems like I have been writing a lot of blogs recently that are hard to read. This will be another of those. I’m not going to say “brace yourself.” I can imagine you doing that already and instead I invite you to feel into your feet and the surface you are resting on. Get grounded and stay as open as possible.

Our dear Jerry Marcom has been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He is in the hospital now awaiting surgery, currently planned for this Friday, August 4.  We will know more about the type of tumor and what comes next after the surgery. Much is still unknown.

Now, feel your feet again, and let your breath keep coming and going.

As you can imagine, this is a shock to all of us--he and his family are still deeply grieving Martha’s death, and this is a huge punch to the gut and heart. We are sad and bewildered as we come face to face with this new reality. I imagine this is hard for each of you to take in as well. He welcomes your blessings and kind thoughts through all this.  As one family member said, the more love and prayers sent his way the better. If you are a Reiki practitioner, please send Reiki. If you have another special juju send that.

If you want to send notes please send or drop them off at Yohi and I’ll be sure he gets them. We are very aware of and grateful for the big heart of this yoga family. We are so very glad to have you physically and energetically with us.

I am taking much support from some of my favorite texts and practices these days: Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, iRest and The Radiance Sutras, a version of the Vijnana Bhairava, by Lorin Roche. In one of his notebooks Lorin wrote about one of the meanings of the word, “bhairava.” “Bhairava is the aspect of life that accepts our terror as prayer and opens the door to revelation.” I’m tearful each time I read this— I am helped to honor my humanity and not have to be “more enlightened” than I am. I need not transcend these feelings I am feeling—I can be with them and know that LIFE is hearing them as prayers. I can also connect these powerful feelings to the deep love I feel for Jerry and his family. For now it is enough.

I’ll end with Sutra #89 from The Radiance Sutras. This is one I always turn to when life is not going as I wish it were. May it offer you some wisdom as well.

You are stunned, powerless.
You thought you knew
What was going on.
Now you realize you don’t have a clue.

You are stopped in your tracks.
Everything within your skin is shaking.
Enter this shaking.

Right here, in the midst of commotion—
Get curious and look around inside with wonder.
Unmind your mind.
All the walls have fallen down.
Go ahead and dissolve.

The One Who Has Always Been,
Who has seen much worse than this,
Is still here.

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