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Ray LaVoie

Ray LaVoie is a Columbus, Ohio based luxury still life photographer specializing in beauty, fashion and accessories. He has shot for a variety of clients including DSW, Tween Brands clothing, CollierWest accessories, Behal, Sampson, Dietz Architects and other local businesses in the central Ohio area.
Ray brings a passion to his photography that has brought him a wide-ranging set of experiences. He has great gratitude for opportunity to communicate this way.


Matthew J. Cline Photography

Intimacy is the intended subject of every photograph I take. I want to convey a sense of spirit, warmth, emotion and connection so that it is familiar at a mere glance.

I find great spiritual connection through photography in many ways. Looking through my lens is a meditation. My work is a prayer of my faith and an homage to the gifts of life and vision given to me by God, cultivated and honored by those I love and who love me. "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." Rumi


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