Our Photographers

Alana Becker

Alana Becker is a camera wielding artist specializing in environmental portraiture, nature and outdoor recreation photography. She has a strong regard for the exploration of light, angles and texture to create dynamic and inspiring imagery.

Working with Yoga On High has been a pleasure and an honor for Alana who began practicing yoga at a young age under her mother’s influence. She is elated to now document this ever important discipline. She enjoys capturing not only the beautiful shapes and lines created by yoga postures, but also the tangible peace and joy of those who practice.

When not writing about herself in the third person, Alana (rhymes with banana) enjoys crafting herbal remedies, hiking with her dog and organic gardening. She also makes a mean guacamole and believes in the positive power of snail mail. |

Matthew J. Cline Photography

Intimacy is the intended subject of every photograph I take. I want to convey a sense of spirit, warmth, emotion and connection so that it is familiar at a mere glance.

I find great spiritual connection through photography in many ways. Looking through my lens is a meditation. My work is a prayer of my faith and an homage to the gifts of life and vision given to me by God, cultivated and honored by those I love and who love me. "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." Rumi

Ray LaVoie

Ray LaVoie is a Columbus, Ohio based luxury still life photographer specializing in beauty, fashion and accessories. He has shot for a variety of clients including DSW, Tween Brands clothing, CollierWest accessories, Behal, Sampson, Dietz Architects and other local businesses in the central Ohio area.
Ray brings a passion to his photography that has brought him a wide-ranging set of experiences. He has great gratitude for opportunity to communicate this way.

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