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Moving on From Cancer: A Daylong Wellness Retreat

When the diagnosis is cancer, the effects go beyond the physical challenges to impact a person emotionally, spiritually, mentally and often financially. This retreat will provide a calming environment, as restful as it is invigorating, in which cancer patients and oncology nurses may experience the Urban Zen approach to holistic healing. Through this restorative day, the Yoga on High Foundation will give men and women a chance for respite, renewal and healing.

Participants will learn techniques to help them through their cancer journey including gentle yoga classes and restorative yoga sessions with Reiki and aromatherapy.  Also, by popular demand from past retreats, during this retreat we are offering Reiki training to all participants.  Self Reiki can be a powerful part as part of the healing process and the ability to offer it to friends and family can bring connection and relaxation to both the giver and receiver.

Please check back for information about future retreats.

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Yoga on High Foundation co-founder, Marcia Miller, wrote and designed a yoga curriculum for women with breast cancer as part of a research study at The Ohio State University. The study documented the benefits of a yoga practice to the study participants. These weekly classes were extremely successful and have left lasting impressions of health and wellbeing on the students.

Learn more about this program here.

Every time I leave this class, I feel like I received a present of time and energy to be with myself and heal. - Moving on From Cancer student

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