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Yoga for Veterans

On the national stage many VOA and community organizations are incorporating yoga training into programs for veterans.  The vets use yoga for relaxation and as a coping mechanism for dealing with combat-related stress issues that can lead to self-destructive behaviors and habits.

Believing that trauma lives in the body as well as the mind, Yoga on High Foundation has funded ongoing 6-week sessions of therapeutic yoga classes for homeless veterans in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Studies About Yoga and Veterans

  • “Warriors at Peace”: 
An article from Yoga Journal describing the benefits of yoga for Veterans and active military members with PTSD.

Quotes From Students

“My head is more clear than it has been in a long time.  I’ll be back.”

“I sleep so well on the nights after I take yoga, and I wake up feeling great the next day too.”

“My stress level has changed and I feel 100% better when I leave [yoga] class.”

Donate to the Yoga on High Foundation a Fund of the Columbus Foundation


I feel really great in my whole body today.  I never felt this relaxed before, ever. - Student

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