Experience Reiki

Experience receiving healing energy by appointment from one of our Reiki Master Teachers.

Monthly Reiki Share

Our Reiki Master Teachers lead monthly energy shares open to practitioners of all levels.

Komyo Reiki Kai Classes and Attunements

Shoden (Level I)

Develop a Reiki practice.

Chuden (Level II)

Deepen your relationship to Reiki.

(Teacher’s Degree)

Begin a spiritual path of inner growth and pass the practice of Reiki on to others.

Reiki Columbus Ohio

Introduction to Reiki

Learn more about the gentle yet powerful force that gives life, growth, balance and healing to all living things.

Learn and Teach Reiki

Yoga on High offers trainings in Reiki Level 1 and 2, and a Masters program.

Reiki Privates

Private sessions with a Reiki Master provide a personal experience, one conducive to exploration of personal problems or insights.

Our Reiki Masters

Meet our Reiki Masters and learn their Reiki background and training. Privates sessions are always available with our caring and healing family.

Yoga Columbus Ohio

Yoga on High Foundation

The Yoga On High Foundation works to support, inspire and fund a wide variety of yoga and wellness programs for persons in need. Learn more about the foundation and how to become involved here.

Yoga Columbus Ohio

New Student Special Unlimited Monthly Pass $49*

New to Yohi? Get to know our community with an introductory month of Open Yoga Classes. Must be a new student. Good for Open Classes only.

Yoga Teacher Training Columbus Ohio

200 hour Teacher Training

Contact the Studio for more information about our 200 hour Teacher Training or apply online.

300 hour Therapeutic Teacher Training

300 hour Therapeutic Teacher Training

300 hour Therapeutic Teacher Training with Marcia Miller, Doug Keller, Amy Weintraub and other guest teachers. Enroll Now

Monthly Reiki Share

Since we believe that it is just as important for Reiki practitioners to receive Reiki as to give it, our Reiki Master Teachers will lead energy shares open to practitioners of all levels.

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