Reiki Clinics & Privates

Reiki Clinic Sessions

If you would like to experience receiving healing energy from one or more Reiki practitioners, you may schedule an appointment in our Reiki clinic. Since the healing process usually occurs over time, we encourage you to sign up for more than one session, but single sessions are beneficial too. If you have never experienced Reiki or any other energy healing modality, this is a good way to start.

Reiki Clinic Dates

Reiki Practitioners Share

Calling all Reiki Clinic volunteer practitioners! Since we believe that it is just as important for Reiki practitioners to receive Reiki as to give it, volunteer practitioners for each clinic will meet at 10:30 am (before the beginning of the Reiki clinic) to offer Reiki to each other. Then at 11:00 am, we’ll move into our practitioners’ circle to connect as a group in preparation for our client sessions that morning.

Reiki Practitioners Share Dates

Private Reiki Sessions

Private sessions with a Reiki Master provide a more personal experience than the Reiki Clinic, one conducive to exploration of personal problems or insights. These sessions are generally one hour in length but can be adjusted to meet your time needs.
Prices start at $80 per hour.  A 10% discount is available when five or more sessions are purchased in advance.


Or contact the studio by phone 614.291.4444

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