Gail Spirit Sky

Gail Spirit Sky, RMT, RYT500 spent thirty years teaching elementary school and continued her teaching career by teaching Reiki at Yoga on High since 2006. Gail was attuned to Reiki Level I in 1993 and Reiki Level II in 1995. In 2004, she began her year of Reiki Master training. Despite her inclination to keep the gift of Reiki for herself, she knew that it is too wonderful not to share with others. It has been a true win-win situation in her life, experiencing the giving and receiving of Reiki simultaneously.

Currently, Gail teaches the Level II curriculum and has been co-teaching the Master Level with Jodi Patton, RMT, RYT500, since 2009. Restorative yoga has been a specialty of Gail’s and she offers monthly workshops that have an avid following. Workshop participants can receive Reiki while in restorative poses if they wish. Master students take the opportunity to give Reiki during these workshops as part of their own training.

Gail considers Reiki to be a gift in her life that she loves sharing just as she has loved teaching school children and just as she has loved teaching yoga. It is her opinion that it is not about becoming a Reiki Master, but rather allowing Reiki to master us.

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