Martha, Marcia & Linda

Martha Marcom, Marcia Miller & Linda Oshins were first attuned to Reiki in 1998 by Luann Jacobs. Immediately, they formed a weekly practice group and received Masters attunements in 1999. They asked Katherine Dufrane, a renowned energy healer and counselor, to lead the group and together they explored the contemplative, transformative, and spiritually enlightening aspects of giving and receiving universal life force energy. Their practice group continues to this day.

They developed the first teaching protocols for the Reiki program at Yoga on High and taught all levels of practitioners include the year-long Masters’ program. Currently they teach workshops on Reiki as a tool for yoga teachers and on the classic Indian energy map of the body. They also see private clients for Reiki-only sessions or sessions that mix Reiki, yoga, and other healing modalities. Marcia and Martha received the Komyo Kai Ho Shihan certification in 2010 and attuned Linda thereafter.

In February of 2011, Martha, Marcia & Linda became certified Urban Zen Integrative Therapists, employing Reiki as one of several modalities that promote relaxation and support healing for patients in hospitals.

In their private self-practice, in their private practice with clients, and in their group explorations and workshops, they emphasize developing a personal relationship with the energetic states that become evident in working with Reiki. Whether one is sensing the energy flow in a person or the specific quality of energy in a chakra or an organ, keeping that experience within the purview of the student or the client is of primary importance. In other words, they and their clients use Reiki as a tool for personal revelation.

As an aside, Yoga on High is a direct outgrowth of their Reiki practice group. The center was inspired by and formed by it in the hope of building a Reiki community. That community has indeed formed around Yoga on High and includes the Reiki teachers, practitioners, and clients who send to and receive from one another.

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