Reiki Overview

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word representing the principle of Universal Life Energy, the gentle yet powerful force that gives life, growth, balance and healing to all living things. Healing energy is present within each of us, but we can fail to recognize it in ourselves. It seems dormant until awakened by a person’s interest and longing to receive and share it in ways that are tangible and meaningful.

To Receive Reiki

We offer private Reiki sessions where you will receive Reiki from skilled practitioners trained to tap into this resource. This is an excellent way to experience Reiki for the first time. Reiki must be experienced to be understood. It cannot be grasped solely on the intellectual level.

To Give Reiki

Because Reiki is experience-based, if you choose to be trained to use Reiki you will be attuned and have plenty of guided practice time and instruction in working with this healing, relaxing, comforting energy. Since Reiki is a meditative healing art, you will also practice centering, contemplation and intention-setting, which will help you build confidence and skill. The attunement process and this training will awaken your natural gifts and allow you to focus Reiki on yourself at first and eventually on others.

Around the world Reiki training has a number of different formats. Some people receive attunements with little or no training on using the energy; others embark on long training programs at each level. Our curriculum takes a middle course so that you can choose the depth of your commitment and fit your study to the time you have available. We offer training in Usui Reiki Ryoho through Komyo Reiki Kai, a style of traditional Japanese (Hayashi-style) Reiki.

How can I experience Reiki?

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