Some of our favorite gifts to give or receive

  • Eye pillows filled with flax seed are perfect for savasana or deep restorative poses. They are helpful to relieve eye strain and headaches by applying gentle pressure to the forehead. Available unscented or with the gentle aroma of lavender flowers.
  • Zafu meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat and available in beautiful luxury fabrics and “sari inspired” patterns. While they are perfect for a sitting meditation practice, they also look great scattered around the home for additional seating. Several of us find them to be the perfect height for picnic style dining on the floor.
  • Neti pots! To use one is to become an enthusiastic supporter of this little mini-genie bottle which provides a life without sinus infections and allergy inflammation. To watch someone use one, usually evokes a “um, I’m not sure about that”...but don't let that deter you. Available in both ceramic and plastic forms. We offer a variety of salts to use with your neti pot.
  • We have a number of beautiful singing bowls and tingsha chimes which students enjoy using as a means to center and calm the inner voices. They aid in mediation and have a pleasant sound.
  • Tibetan prayer flags provide a lovely decoration for the home or peaceful yoga practice area.
  • Gift certificates – Give the gift of yoga! It always fits and it’s always appreciated. Available in any amount and can be redeemed for a class or in the bookstore.
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