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Weather Closings

When we close due to bad weather, our goal is to post the closing information on the homepage of our website by 6am.

It is possible that we would be open for morning classes and closed in the evening or vice versa. During the day we will monitor the weather and make evening class determinations by 4:30pm. We plan to work within the framework described above, but may not always be able to adhere to it.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience the weather may play in your yoga schedule. If you are enrolled in a series class there will be a make-up class scheduled for the week after your original end date. If we are closed at a time when you usually attend a drop-in class we ask that you “make-up” in another class that fits in with your schedule.

Whether in class, on your mat, or setting out to drive to the studio, we encourage you to always use your best judgment about your safety.

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