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500 hour Advanced Teacher Training


Yoga on High offers a 500-hour Teacher Training Program, an advanced course that can be specifically designed to your particular interests. It assumes that you have covered all the basic material in the Yoga on High 200-hour Teacher Training or an equivalent program, and that you have had some teaching experience, leading you to an understanding of what you, as an experienced teacher, would like to study in depth. Because we are such a large center with a wide range of classes geared toward many different student populations, each with its own distinct needs, you have the opportunity to specialize in a specific population or to be a generalist with experience handling lots of different types of students in mixed public classes. Examples of student populations with whom you can work at Yoga on High are pregnant women, kids of various ages, people in wheelchairs, the elderly, and people with or recovering from various injuries and diseases, as well as general populations of beginning and advanced yoga students in either the Ashtanga or Hatha tracks. We work hard to make your experience in the 500-hour Teacher Training Program relevant to what speaks most openly to your heart and mind, as we each have our particular passionate commitments to our students. Past graduates have felt that exposure to multiple forms and points of view have greatly enriched their experience with us.

In this program we continue the study of asana practice with attention to alignment, rhythm, sequencing and class structure. Additionally, we offer instruction on anatomy, including energetic anatomy, pranayama, ethics, yoga philosophy and meditation. On the 500-level we can delve more deeply into yoga as a spiritual practice rather than covering the basics for new teachers.


We have some of the best teachers in the country associated with our program and we pride ourselves on the range and depth of experience they represent. The principle instructors in the program–Marcia Miller and Linda Oshins–are long-time teachers within the central Ohio community and founded Yoga on High. Swami Ramananda, Tim Miller and Rodney Yee teach annual intensives, and other nationally known visiting teachers rotate through our calendar, giving you lots of opportunities to hear from various perspectives. Because we are a center that has always taught two main but very different approaches to yoga–traditional Ashtanga and what we call Hatha, an alignment-based form that uses yoga props extensively–we know the value of an open mind and a personal exploration into the possible paths of awakening.

How Does It Work?

Every year we offer a series of required weekend workshops (3 to 4 a year) and many optional weekend workshops. At the beginning of the year you meet with your mentor, Marcia, Tom, Jasmine or Linda, to come up with a training plan, choosing from approximately 250 hours of programming available each year. Your plan will include workshops and intensives, assisting hours, and individualized mentored projects in your specific area of interest. It is just a blueprint that can be changed at any time, but it focuses your training and sets clear goals for the year. The Yoga on High 500-hour Teacher Training Program is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level and meets Yoga Alliance guidelines regarding minimum hourly requirements in each of its study categories. It constitutes a total of 300 contact and non-contact hours and presupposes completion in good standing of a 200-hour Teacher Training Program or equivalent experience. Upon meeting Yoga on High requirements for graduation from this program, you can register with Yoga Alliance as a 500-hour registered teacher.

We are assuming that you will take three years to complete the 300 hours of study, practice and teaching necessary to graduate. You may move through the program more quickly or take longer, but the pricing structure extends over three years. Those who have graduated from one of the Yoga on High 100-hour specialty programs (Ashtanga or Vinyasa) may apply those 100 hours toward their 500-hour certificate if they wish.


There is a one-time registration fee of $150

Paid in full in one payment is $5,529

Yearly installments of $1,920 per year for 3 years for a total of $5,760

Monthly installments of $192 per month for 30 months for a total of $5,760

The cost of the program includes all eligible workshops, mentorship and assisting fees, and an unlimited class pass to Yoga on High for the length of the program.


If you are already 200-hour registered with Yoga Alliance and you have taught at least 100 hours of classes, you have met the criteria for entry into our program. If you aren’t Yoga Alliance registered, please contact us to determine your fit.


To apply please use our online submission form or download and complete the application and email, mail or bring it into Yoga on High.

Yoga on High's faculty is everything you would love in teachers/mentors. They are well-traveled deep inside the practice of yoga. The teachers are wise, deeply caring, human, inspirational, and diverse. The greatest gift is their ability to pay attention to details--cultivating passionate and caring teachers. - Lori Guth

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