Guest Teachers

Luann Jacobs

In Washington, D.C. at the Center for Integrative Medicine, Luann provides individual Reiki sessions and teaches all levels of Reiki. There she offers individual Reiki sessions for stress reduction and to enhance your healing outcome as you Prepare for Procedures (surgery, cardiac catheterization, IVF, chemotherapy).

Luann founded Reiki Partners in 1999 to help Reiki practitioners in the metro area connect with each other for mutual healing and to guide volunteers who give Reiki freely to those in need. This group meets twice monthly at the Center. In 2004 she was able to bring Reiki Relaxation into George Washington University Hospital in a pilot program for Cardiac Catheterization patients. She is now Director of Reiki Services for the Center for Integrative Medicine and directs Reiki Volunteers for the GWU Hospital palliative care, surgical, cardiac and medical services.

Most recently Luann organized a Reiki Level One Training for a retirement facility in downtown Washington, D.C. Residents and staff joined together to learn self-care Reiki and to be able to care for each other. A research project led by Dr. Mikhail Kogan is evaluating the Effectiveness of Reiki on Quality of Life in Elderly Residents and Staff at Thomas Circle Residences.

A life long student of cognitive processing and the need for relaxation, she brings this awareness to the relaxation training and biofeedback practice of heart rate variability. Luann has pioneered the use of EmWave technology to assess the benefit of Reiki in creating heart-brain coherence.

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