Guest Teachers

Melinda Cooksey, MS, PhD

In an effort to put all of her professional interests and activities under one umbrella, Melinda calls herself an Applied Anatomist. She is a three-time graduate of The Ohio State University. Her undergraduate degree was a personalized study program in the Neuropsychology and Physiology of Human Movement. Then she completed a traditional master’s degree in Anatomy and Medical Education. Her particular areas of focus and interest are developmental movement, fascial patterning and functional lymphatic macroanatomy. As a doctoral candidate, she researched developmental movement deficits related to ADHD in partnership with OSU and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She holds a Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine with a graduate minor in Research Methods.

Melinda’s professional activities are centered on teaching, theorizing, and playing with functional anatomy. She has over a decade of experience teaching college-level, cadaver-based, regional and systems-based anatomy. She has logged over 2000 hours prosecting cadavers for use in teaching programs, undergraduate courses, and continuing education curricula. First as a student, then as a prosector, and now as an applied anatomist, her time in the anatomy lab has revealed to her the fascinating functional integration of our bodies.

In the late 1990s, her background in dance/movement and somatics began blending with the work that she was doing with cadavers in the anatomy lab. This translated into the fascial unwinding work that she has been doing with living clients ever since. This applied anatomical approach has come to be called Somatic Integration Analysis (SIA). She works with clients privately and teaches various aspects of applied anatomy to individual practitioners, professional groups, and out in the community.

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