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Alicia Rieske

Alicia first began to take yoga classes while working through issues of anxiety and family illness. The peace and connection she found in the practice made her immediately decide it was something she wanted to continue through the rest of her life. It wasn’t long before that passion inspired her to enroll in Yoga on High’s 200 hour teaching training program. As her practice grew it brought her a kind of strength and self-acceptance she never would have imagined.

A self-professed “yoga nerd”, Alicia hopes her students will find some of the same passionate zeal she has for the concepts of yoga, especially those of alignment, anatomy, and “having your feet on the ground”. She is thrilled to be a teacher in the Yoga on High family, as YOHI’s central values of inclusivity and community are also very dear to her heart.

Off the mat Alicia enjoys writing, hiking with her two big dogs, feeling her bare feet on the earth, and being in any environment where people are free to be their own strange beautiful selves.

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