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Amy Lybrook

As a little girl, Amy was fascinated with the twisty shapes she could make with her body. Her favorite was to bind her feet behind her head and balance on her palms. A 6-year-olds interpretation of Dwi Pada Sirasana? Her first exposure to yoga was at home in 1990.  Initially drawn to the physical practice of Power Vinyasa yoga there came a time when she felt as though there was more than the physical practice. She began exploring breath work and the focus involved in making the shapes and discovered something else: a way of thinking, living, and treating others. Yoga became a means of self-study and healing. In order to share her knowledge, she earned her 200 hour RYT designation in 2013.

While Amy’s classes offer plenty of technical and alignment consciousness, she encourages her students to approach their practice with a sense of humor and curiosity. She hopes to inspire her students to experience each pose an as individual, develop their own unique practice, and take offerings of love, gratitude, and acceptance off the mat. She believes this begins by looking up and smiling at everyone in this journey of life.

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