Our Teachers

Jane O'Loughlin

Jane began practicing yoga in 2000, initially attracted by the deep stretching and relaxation, and quickly moving into a wonderful and challenging journey of self- awareness and consequences.  A thinker by nature, she found a curious freedom on the mat that kept luring her back.  She has been sharing yoga at her workplace, gyms and studios since 2008 when she completed a 200-hour training with Laurel Hodory.

Ashtanga is her first and sustaining love, swoon!  Though she has taught (and occasionally may still practice) other yoga styles, her heart as a teacher and as a yogi is in the ashtanga vinyasa tradition.  She is fascinated by anatomy and the complexities of being human.  Her teaching is informed by years of practice, study with excellent teachers, and a life of faith and curiosity grounded in joyful living.  And while she may never travel to India, she recognizes the most important trip a yogi can make is the voyage within.

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