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Jill Nielsen-Farrell

Jill Nielsen-Farrell completed Kundalini Yoga teacher’s training through Golden Bridge – Los Angeles in 2008, where she was blessed to study with Gurmukh Kaur, Tej Kaur and many other senior Kundalini Yoga teachers. Jill’s instruction is humorous, thorough and rigorous! Jill has been devotee of yoga since 1995 and has been practicing a wide variety of styles since that time, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. She is especially grateful to Yogi Bhajan and Paramahansa Yogananda for their continuous presence and loving influence on her spiritual path. When not teaching Kundalini, Jill is a licensed acupuncturist and owner of Point to Point Community Acupuncture in Delaware, Ohio where she provides accessible and affordable acupuncture to the community.

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