Joanie Delph

Joanie Delph discovered her love of Ashtanga yoga 12 years ago while joining six friends for a 9-week New Beginners course at Yoga on High. By the fifth week, she noticed relief in her stressed-out body and an unexplainable happiness in her soul. Finding time to practice was a challenge, but paid off generously in her mind, body and spirit. She had never felt better. That love of and belief in Ashtanga yoga motivated her to complete Yoga on High’s 200-level Teacher Training Program, so she now gets to share the practice with others. Over the past seven years, Joanie has attended workshops with wonderful teachers such as Tim Miller, Maty Ezraty, Matthew Sweeney and Manju Jois. She continues to study Ashtanga yoga with Rolf and Marci Naujokat (Goa, India) as well as attending KPJAYI (Mysore, India) for study with Sharath Rangaswamy. She hopes to continue returning to India for future studies and to share what she learns with students.

Joanie credits her Ashtanga yoga practice with helping her find her inner truth, which led her to Reiki and creative writing. She currently practices Reiki level II and is finishing her first novel. Teaching gives her an opportunity to help others find their own happiness and joy, or enhance what they already have. What an amazing gift!!

Joanie's instruction in "Intro to Ashtanga" is outstanding. She explains the breathing techniques and use of core muscles in a way that each person understands and learns something. Whether it's the experienced yogi or true new beginner. I'm always challenged by her class but I never feel the need to go beyond my achievable limits. Thanks Joanie!! - Morgan

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