Joyce Eubanks

Joyce Eubanks

Joyce Eubanks has been studying and practicing yoga with total enthusiasm since 2004. She kept coming to class because she realized that, when on the yoga mat, it is how you feel, not how you look, that matters. This helped her to win her long-term battle with a negative body image. She certified as a teacher after completing the Yoga on High 200-hour Teacher Training Program in 2005 (which, characteristically, she was pressured into taking by teachers who saw her potential before she did). Joyce is exuberant about seeing the potential in others. In addition to her various yoga exploits, she makes and alters clothing and volunteers at Hospice.

Joyce's "Non-Scary Gentle Yoga" class is the best!!!! She is fantastic at adapting to whatever parts don't work quite like they used to while still pushing you to get the most benefit from yoga. Her gentle spirit is another reason to take this class. ... - Patty Cramer

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