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Julia Sims Haas

Julia Sims Haas began her yoga journey while going through a stressful time in college. She found that yoga not only relieved stress and helped heal a back injury, but affected her in deeper ways as well. After experiencing the benefits of yoga inside and out, Julia wanted to share this beautiful practice with others. Upon moving to Columbus in 2003, she enrolled in Laural Hodory’s’ teacher training program at It’s Yoga, focusing on Ashtanga, and received her first 200-hour certification.

After teaching full-time in many different environments and working with all levels and abilities of students, she developed a desire to better reach students struggling with illness and injury. In 2005, Julia received her 200-hour Hatha yoga certification through Yoga on High’s Teacher Training Program. Considering herself a lifelong student, she completed a 500-hour certification program and went on to qualify as an experienced teacher by Yoga Alliance standards. Many great teachers such as Paul Grilley, Tim Miller, Cyndi Lee, John Friend, David Swenson, as well as the owners of Yoga on High have influenced her personal yogic journey and teaching style.

Julia also enjoys teaching yoga to teens, kids and babies. She sees children as natural yogis and finds inspiration in their honesty, energy and creative spirits. She certified with YogaKids® International in 2006 and Itsy Bitsy Yoga® in 2008. Through teaching moms and babies together, she continues to be amazed by the bond they share and looks forward to experiencing that in her own life.

Her training in massage therapy in 2011 has provided invaluable insight into the physical challenges that present themselves on the yoga mat, and complements her teaching skills. Her teaching reflects a sincere concern for each student and is expressed by her emphasis on promoting self-love and compassion while encouraging her students to challenge themselves. Students are inspired to connect more deeply to themselves through the embodiment of yoga philosophy as applied on the mat and then taken into daily life.

Through a strong personal practice, which includes Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa, Julia continues to explore and enjoy all the openings that yoga can create, in the body, mind and heart. Her current curiosities include the use of essential oils in yoga and massage, laughter yoga and Reiki. Off of her yoga mat, Julia enjoys knitting, movies and spending time with her loving husband, Chris.

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