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Kelli Joyce

Kelli picked up an Erich Schiffmann & Ali McGraw yoga video in 1996 and was hooked.  In 1999, when she moved to New York City, she explored different styles of yoga to add to her fitness regimen and found that yoga helped heal and enrich so many areas in her life,  that she wanted to share that experience with other people.

In 2004, she earned her 300 hour teacher training certificate.  She has had the honor to be taught by some famous Yogis and Yoginis and many not so famous, who have inspired her to continue to deepen her knowledge and practice.   Kelli acknowledges that by far her most inspirational teachers have been the students who share their practice. 

Kelli believes that yoga is a lifelong physical, spiritual and mental practice that is ever-evolving and encourages her students to honor the unique experience each time they step on the mat.   Kelli’s classes offer physical alignment, but more importantly she encourages her students the opportunity to discover their unique, individual practice with a sense of humor and always with gratitude.

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