Marianne O’Neil

Marianne was first introduced to yoga by her mother, who practiced and learned yoga from Lilias Folan in Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 1970s.  As an adolescent Marianne was mesmerized by Lilias' long braid and striped leotard in her PBS show, “Lilias, Yoga and You!” As a teacher, she is still inspired by Lilias' friendly and positive style. She took her first "live" yoga class as a week-long project in high school. While she practiced intermittently during her college days and as a young adult, she has been a more consistent student in the last 15 to 20 years. With encouragement from one of her favorite local teachers, Celia Hansen, she found the Teacher Training Program at Yoga on High and earned her 200-hour certificate in 2009.   

The wide range of styles and teachers always keeps Marianne interested in the many facets of yoga philosophy and practice. She especially enjoys exploring the intricate details of yoga postures, the introspective, healing effects of pranayama and the benefits of a variety of meditation styles. Besides practicing and teaching yoga, Marianne enjoys spending time with her family.


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