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Martha Sims

Martha was initially drawn to yoga for the benefits it offers in dealing with depression, and discovered the strong connections yoga reveals between the body, emotion and the breath. The benefits that yoga offers to the spirit and mind remain central to her. She also has grown passionate about the physical benefits offered by regular asana practice, and believes that those, too, help keep her centered from day to day. After over four years of practice at Yoga on High as a student, Martha entered YoHi’s Teacher Training Program and became a certified 200-hour Hatha teacher in 2006. She is currently finishing her 500-hour certification.

In her world outside the yoga studio, Martha thinks of herself as a lifelong student, especially of the humanities. In her yoga studies, she was initially surprised by her fascination with anatomy. (Isn’t that science?!) She has since embraced that particular element of her geekiness and enjoys looking at how the parts of the body work together. As a teacher, she enjoys creating asana sequences that help students learn more about those relationships.

In addition to her practice of the more traditional body-mind elements of yoga, Martha infuses her classes with humor. She believes that humor brings ease to the body and spirit, a lightness that is essential for a healthy life. Martha loves teaching yoga and hopes her students accept the challenge of opening themselves to the ways in which yoga can bring positive change to their lives, whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or all three.

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