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Michelle Fullmer

Michelle took her first yoga class in 1998 at OSU for fun, and also in hopes of healing some old gymnastics injuries. She found increased flexibility, relief from pain and a deep sense of calm. Years later, when she enrolled in an Ashtanga new beginners course at Yoga on High, she knew that she had found her passion and her practice.

Michelle completed her yoga Teacher Training in 2011, and has continued to study with a variety of teachers: Tim Miller, Maty Ezraty, David Swenson, Rodney Yee and Mathew Darling. She is grateful for the self-awareness and positive changes that yoga has brought to her life.

As a teacher, Michelle’s goal is to infuse the class with humor while focusing on safety and alignment. Michelle believes that the practice is the teacher and aims to inspire a passion for regular practice. Students will get a workout, but come away from the class feeling grounded and centered.

Off the mat, Michelle is an Oncology nurse at the James Cancer Hospital, and holds degrees in Molecular Genetics, MicroBiology and Nursing. She loves to incorporate yoga, meditation and alternative therapies into her patient care. Michelle volunteers both as a yoga instructor and as a nurse with multiple organizations in the community.

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