Accessible Yoga: Teaching Yoga to People with Disabilities

A Weekend Workshop for Teachers and Caregivers

Have you ever thought about teaching someone with a disability, maybe even starting a yoga class for people with disabilities? Possibly you work with someone who lives with a disability and you think yoga might be good for him or her? Maybe someone has come to your yoga class and you were not sure where to begin. If so, this workshop will demonstrate that everyone, regardless of physical challenges, can practice yoga and that you can teach whoever walks or rolls into your class.

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore the use of props to set up students in various asanas
  • Discuss and work with the various effects and manifestations of disability including Parkinson’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, disabled veterans, people in wheelchairs or with broken bones or other injuries
  • Learn the language of disability
  • Discuss contraindications and alternatives
  • Consider sequencing in classes for people with varying needs
  • Examine the need and responsibilities of teaching and assisting
  • Observe JoAnn working directly with people with disabilities

This weekend will open you to the potential of students who many see as “people who can’t.” You will see that “yes they can!”

This workshop is for yoga teachers, yoga students and caregivers who have a strong basic knowledge of yoga.

UZIT Convocation 2017

We will be offering an additional workshop surrounding the Accessible Yoga Weekend for UZIT grads and grads to be. For more information regarding this program, click here. If you would like to register for both the UZIT Convocation and the Accessible Yoga Weekend, select the appropriate option when registering from this page. The cost for both is $436 before June 14th, and $477 after. 


JoAnn Lyons has been teaching yoga in the disability community since 1996 and believes that everyone, regardless of physical challenges, can practice yoga. She continues training teachers to encourage others to join her in this work because she believes yoga classes should be available to all. JoAnn has a unique way of presenting her work to teachers that inspires and encourages the teacher to be confident in working with this under-served population. JoAnn comes highly recommended by Rodney Yee and will be assisted by Rodney’s sister, Valerie Jew.


JoAnn Lyons


Friday, July 14th from 6:00p to 8:30p
Saturday, July 15th from 10:00a to 1:00p/2:30p to 5:30p
Sunday, July 16th from 9:00a to 1:00p


$278. Early bird enrollment if paid in full by June 14th: $237

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