Balancing the Hips

As we play in the realm of yoga poses, it quickly becomes clear that yogis need hips that are "open" but also strong and stable. Too much flexibility leads to instability and potential injury (including SI issues). This is especially true for women as they have less structural support and hormone shifts each month. Not enough flexibility and the fluidity of our bodies is impeded, our backs can hurt and lots of fun poses are hard to approach. In this series, you'll move the hips in all directions inviting deeper flexibility as well as strength. In this course you'll practice all categories of poses including standing poses, forward and backward bending poses and arm balances. You will learn stabilization practices to return your body to balance so that you can feel your legs as an open channel from the earth up through your heart. This class is open to anyone with at least some Level 1 experience.


Mondays, March 6th - 20th from 5:45p to 7:15p


Marcia Miller



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