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Jason Crandell Teacher Day

Injury Management for Teachers: Sacroiliac and Shoulder Dysfunction

Friday Morning 10:00a to 12:30p: How to Keep Your Sacro-iliac Safe in Yoga

Including lecture, discussion, and practice, this comprehensive class will teach you the safest way for you to practice every category of yoga posture for your sacro-iliac region. You’ll explore common misalignment patterns and dysfunctions; you’ll examine key postures that are often taught incorrectly; and, you’ll learn how to practice, cue, and adjust yoga postures to ensure that they’re safe and stable for your sacro-iliac region.

Friday Afternoon 2:00p to 5:00p: How to Keep Your Shoulders Safe in Yoga

The highly mobile and beautifully intricate nature of the shoulder girdle makes it one of the most vulnerable parts of your body—especially for flow or vinyasa yogis. The nuances of the shoulder girdle also make giving accurate, scientifically rationale cues very challenging for teachers to provide. Unfortunately, this combination of challenges leads to an excessive number of injuries and long-term wear and tear. Until now. This intensive will demystify the anatomy of your shoulders, give you a comprehensive rationale for using your shoulders in every category of yoga posture, and educate you about the common sources of shoulder injuries in yoga. This intensive will also dispel some of the common misunderstandings about how the shoulders function in yoga postures. Lastly, you’ll learn a comprehensive practice for keeping your shoulders strong, stable and balanced—setting you up for a lifetime of more efficient, safe yoga.


Friday, November 17th from 10:00a to 5:00p


Jason Crandell


$168. Early bird enrollment if paid in full by October 17th: $137

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