Mala Workshop

Create your own mala!

Join us for an evening of surya chikitsa, pranayama, meditation, tulsi infusions, music and aromatherapy, culminating in the creation of your own mala. This donation-based event is hosted to benefit the Yoga on High Foundation. Register today!

**Due to the nature of this event, participants are responsible for bringing necessary supplies.

Required Supplies

  • 108 beads of your choice sized 4-8mm +  a few spare beads just in case

Optional Considerations 

  • If this is your first mala-creating experience or even if you're a seasoned pro, consider making an elegantly simple mala!
  • Select mala beads that resonate with you! Maybe for their energetic properties, color, texture, your intention, personal significance, etc.
  • We will learn how to create a traditional- style tassel and a Zen Juzu- style tassel; however, if you would like to incorporate a special bindu bead or tassel, feel free to bring those as well. 
  • A few types of knotting cordage will be provided, but you may opt to bring your own cordage as well. Please make sure the cordage thickness will work with the hole  diameter of your beads.


Evan Schlarb


Friday, September 1st from 6:30p to 8:30p



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