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Sekoia Spirit Journey: Panther

Panther: Working with Sacred Shadows

"Where fear and fearlessness collide."  Do you dare to look at your shadow side?  In this workshop we'll open the portals to explore aspects of ourselves that are deeply longing for integration .  Until we can reclaim these fragmented parts they will nestle in our unconscious and find ways to run the show!  Working with our shadows helps us to live more in the present moment, to stop repeating the same dark patterns;  to honor the dark as well the light.  Let panther be your guide as we shine the welcoming light of awareness on our lost, unclaimed, hidden and hurting places.   

This work takes strength, determination, bravery and a whole lotta heart!  See you there.

Workshops will explore:

  • Asana, Meditation and Pranayama
  • Chakras
  • Crystals 
  • Animal Totems
  • Herb Talismans
  • Essential oil therapy
  • Sound baths
  • Journaling

Participants will receive a take-home token:  crystal, mediation card, or similar.

When we are living in the flow with life, we are able to be open to the true abundance of the universe. In this series of monthly two hour workshops, we will explore and connect with tools to help you create and live your most authentic life.

View upcoming sessions:  

October 21- Owl: Welcoming Inner Wisedom

November 11- Dragon: Magic & Mystery


Saturday, September 23rd from 2:30p to 4:30p


Michele Vinbury



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