TANDAVA with Anne Douglas

Discover this ancient and ecstatic expression of Yoga that originated in the forests of Kashmir, India, and has been enlivened by the addition of contemporary music and yoga poses.  This unique expression of Yoga Sadhana, is also called “The Dance of Siva” or “The Cosmic Dance” and is a moving meditation that emerges from the inside out.  Anne will skillfully guide you through simple steps to awaken your innate sense of freedom and spontaneity.  She has been formally practicing Tandava for 10 years, and informally practicing for as long as she can remember!

This evening's practice is part of the weekend workshop, The Feminine Face of Yoga.  If you are taking that workshop do not register separately for this one.  Tandava is also available as a stand-alone program.  You can register for it below.


Friday, October 26th from 6:00p to 8:30p




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