UZIT Convocation 2017

UZIT grads and grads to be, come one come all. This summer we are bringing together UZIT teachers from around the country who are teaching UZIT in a variety of settings. This will be an opportunity for you to learn what they are doing and how they got into their sites. This is a chance to upgrade your skills and connect and catch up with other UZITs. Topics include: UZIT in the schools, in hospice, in drug and alcohol rehab and mental health facilities with special considerations for those who have experienced trauma.  Mealtimes will be opportunities to connect further with people teaching populations of interest to you.

These classes will be held in conjunction with our Accessible Yoga: Teaching Yoga to People with Disabilities weekend workshop which we think many of you will also enjoy. To register for both the UZIT Convocation and the Accessible Yoga Weekend, please register through this link.

Speakers include

Marcia Miller, Valerie Yee Jew, Lori Guth Moffett, Lori Bower & Sharon Collaros


Friday, July 14th from 12:00p to 4:30p &
Sunday, July 16th from 2:30p to 5:30p



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