Intro to Second Series, Columbus, OH

Advancing Your Practice - Intro to Second Series

The Second Series is called Nadi Shodana, nerve cleansing. It works on the deeper more subtle or energetic body, the nadis and chakras. Students are invited to explore a rich collection of backbends, deep forward bends, twists and arm balances. The interweaving of breath and movement, the Ashtanga method, is of course the same although this sequence is a complement to and in some ways a counter pose to the Primary Series. In this workshop Tom will guide you step by step through as much of the Second Series as time allows. Modifications will be offered.

This workshop is appropriate for those who have a consistent, complete Primary Series practice as well as those who are just beginning the Second Series. Students should have a working practice of Urdhva Danurasana, Sarvangasana and Sirsasana. It is not necessary to arrive already able to do all Second Series poses. This is an opportunity to begin the practice and increase one’s understanding of its depth.

For more guidance through the end of the Primary Series into the beginning of Second consider taking the Advancing Your Practice series class.

Ashtanga Lab 2

Before diving into the Second Series, we will examine its major physical themes. Back bends, yes, but also hip openers, twists and deep forward bends. There are many great ways to work towards these poses and many good reasons to work on poses outside of the Primary Series. Ashtanga Lab 2 is all about the research. Come join the experiment.


Saturday, January 13th from 2:00p to 5:00p


Tom Griffith



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